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Welcome to the Women Lawyers Association of Michigan (WLAM). We were founded in 1919 by five self-proclaimed “ardent Portias of Detroit.” Today, our organization has grown extensively in size and purpose. Our membership includes attorneys, judges and law students. We have become a statewide organization with seven regional chapters, providing wide-ranging networking and professional development opportunities for women lawyers. Our mission is to advance the interest of women members of the legal profession, promote improvements in the administration of justice, and promote equality and social justice for all people. Please take a look at our site, including our services, events, and member listings. We hope you like what you see and will join us. We look forward to meeting you!

Message from the President

Founded in 1919, WLAM’s mission is to advance the interest of women members of the legal profession, promote improvements in the administration of justice, and promote equality and social justice for all people. Our membership consists of attorneys, judges and law students located across the great state of Michigan. With organized Regional Chapters to better serve our members, we offer networking and professional development opportunities, mentorship and leadership opportunities.

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as President of the Women Lawyers Association of Michigan. This organization has served as a support system to many women attorneys, both new and seasoned, over the years. I too have greatly benefitted from the support of the members of this organization. The hard work and groundwork laid by the WLAM founders and trailblazing pioneers who have fought hard to promote social justice and equality will not go unnoticed. From battles fighting for equal pay, to equal rights, these pioneers have fought hard to advance women’s issues. Over the years we have seen significant progress for women, but there still remains work to be done.read more

Fast forward to today, what’s more remarkable is the advancement of women in leadership roles, from CEOs of fortune 100 companies to the political arena. Let’s take a closer look at this year – 2016 – we have the first female nominee, Hillary Clinton, for the highest office of this great country, positioned to become the first female President of the United States of America in 2017. Theresa May became the second female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in July 2016 (although the U.K. is no stranger to women in leadership roles since Queen Elizabeth II accession in 1952). Germany has been led by Angela Merkel as its Chancellor since 2005 and Marine Le Penn has a good chance of winning the France Presidential election in 2017. This is truly a tremendous accomplishment for women irrespective of one’s political views. Women have served in leadership roles and ruled governments around the world, but this historical moment marks the first time in history that women are in the position to take the helm as the heads of state of the majority of the G7 countries, industrialized democracies, in 2017. Women could not have propelled to such heights without the efforts of many before them. Its organizations like WLAM and others that help open doors for women.

We encourage you to review our site to learn more about WLAM. We look forward to you joining this strong organization so that we can continue to work together to achieve our goals.



WLAM is dedicated to securing the rights of women in society, advancing the interests of women members of the legal profession, promoting improvements in the administration of justice, and promoting equality and social justice for all people. As advocates, we recognize that there is strength in numbers. Whether we are in a court room or on the steps of the Michigan State Capitol, WLAM’s voice is louder when we join together. Click here for details on WLAM’s advocacy efforts.