Welcome to the Women Lawyers Association of Michigan (WLAM). We were founded in 1919 by five self-proclaimed “ardent Portias of Detroit.” Today, our organization has grown extensively in size and purpose. Our membership includes attorneys, judges and law students. We have become a statewide organization with seven regional chapters, providing wide-ranging networking and professional development opportunities for women lawyers. Our mission is to advance the interest of women members of the legal profession, promote improvements in the administration of justice, and promote equality and social justice for all people. Please take a look at our site, including our services, events, and member listings. We hope you like what you see and will join us. We look forward to meeting you!

Message from the President

As this is my final President’s message I would like to take the opportunity to invite you all to share in a few of my favorite annual events that are quickly approaching. I look forward to these events every year because they are each wonderful examples of the amazing outcomes we have when we take our little free time to work toward a common goal.read more

March 23rd is the WLAM Foundation annual Reception for Education and Community Leadership. The event is being held at the Great Lakes Culinary Center and honors the recipients of over $30,000 in scholarships. The women being honored have inspirational stories and it is always so rewarding to support the education of women in the legal field. It is a unique event that brings together judges, lawyers, students and their families. See the link below for details on attending!


April 15th is the WLAM Annual Meeting in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan Palmer Commons. The day is full of amazing speakers and leaders in the legal field. A reception at the Arab-American National Museum in Dearborn will be held on the evening of April 14th. It is truly the one time of year that WLAM members from around the state have the opportunity to connect with old friends and network with new friends. Details can be found by clicking on the link below:


Last but certainly not least, the 9th Annual Bench Bar Culinary Challenge will be held on June 8th in Grosse Pointe Park. If you have never attended this event, you are certainly missing out. The event brings together a huge cross section of the Michigan legal community and the competitive spirit among the chefs is something you have to see to believe. Not to mention that the food is OUTSTANDING.

I hope that each of our members will be able to attend at least one, if not all of these fantastic events.

It has been an honor serving our members as president of the Women Lawyers Association of Michigan this year. I have enjoyed spending the year with an amazing group of women that serve as the WLAM state and regional boards and I know that the coming years will bring great strides for this organization.

Thank you to all of our members for everything that you do in support of women in the legal field.


WLAM is dedicated to securing the rights of women in society, advancing the interests of women members of the legal profession, promoting improvements in the administration of justice, and promoting equality and social justice for all people. As advocates, we recognize that there is strength in numbers. Whether we are in a court room or on the steps of the Michigan State Capitol, WLAM’s voice is louder when we join together. Click here for details on WLAM’s advocacy efforts.