Welcome to the Women Lawyers Association of Michigan (WLAM). We were founded in 1919 by five self-proclaimed “ardent Portias of Detroit.” Today, our organization has grown extensively in size and purpose. Our membership includes attorneys, judges and law students. We have become a statewide organization with seven regional chapters, providing wide-ranging networking and professional development opportunities for women lawyers. Our mission is to advance the interest of women members of the legal profession, promote improvements in the administration of justice, and promote equality and social justice for all people. Please take a look at our site, including our services, events, and member listings. We hope you like what you see and will join us. We look forward to meeting you!

If you experience any difficulties renewing your membership online and/or registering for the Annual Meeting, please feel free to print a copy of the application or registration form and send it to info@womenlawyers.org or via first class mail to WLAM, 120 N. Washington Square, Suite 110A, Lansing, MI 48933. Alternatively you may call our office at 517-372-3320. We will be happy to assist you in processing your request over the phone.

Message from the President
When I first became an attorney, the Women Lawyers Association of Michigan (WLAM) was one of the first organizations I joined. It is hard to express how important WLAM has been to me professionally and personally – from the mentoring I received as a new attorney, to the networking and leadership opportunities that aided my development into a seasoned practitioner, to the enduring lifelong friendships cultivated through WLAM over the past ten years...(read more)
For several years now, women's organizations in Michigan, like ours, have been working toward legislation to accomplish the following:
• Strengthen the Elliot Larson Act to include equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender;
• Increase penalties for wage discrimination based on gender;
• Establish pay equity committee;
• Allow women, and other employees, to compare their wages to know if they are being equally paid.
One way organizations have worked together to build awareness of inequities in pay in Michigan is to recognize Equal Pay Day at the Capitol. Tuesday, April 14, 2015 is Equal Pay Day this year - symbolizing the day in the year that women have to work until to catch up with their male counterparts for the previous calendar year. WLAM is proud to lend support to raise awareness of Equal Pay Day.
The Women Lawyers Association of Michigan (WLAM) opposes the proposed Senate Bill 743 that would make participation in the State Bar of Michigan - and the fees associated with membership - voluntary.